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Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries help you to reduce or eliminate your grid power bills. They are great for storing solar power captured by your solar panels during the day. Solar batteries can then provide cheap, green power at peak times when your family uses more electrical appliances. But are solar batteries affordable? And should you choose stackable solar batteries or single solid-state lithium batteries for your home? This article will help you

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What is the Best Solar System for Business?

Electricity prices have gone up in recent years, which means businesses have to spend more money on their electricity bills.  But here’s some good news: the cost of solar panels has actually gone down. That means solar power is now more affordable for small to medium businesses. By installing solar panels, you can reduce how much electricity you need to buy from the grid and protect yourself from future price

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Do Solar Panels Save Money?

Sub-tropical regions such as Brisbane enjoy ample sunlight throughout the year. This is great news for solar panels as they work best in sunny conditions. But before making the leap, you first need to consider your family’s energy consumption, the available roof space, battery options, installation costs, and government incentives. The number of solar panels needed to replace grid power will also need to be factored in. Solar System Installation


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Deep Blue Solar specialises in solar panel and solar battery installations. We also provide ongoing support with solar electrical inspections, repairs, and cleaning.

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