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Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries help you to reduce or eliminate your grid power bills. They are great for storing solar power captured by your solar panels during the day. Solar batteries can then provide cheap, green power at peak times when your family uses more electrical appliances.

But are solar batteries affordable? And should you choose stackable solar batteries or single solid-state lithium batteries for your home? This article will help you choose the best option for your family.

Solar System And Battery Cost

Storing solar-generated energy with a battery can provide greater energy independence. However, the high initial costs of older solar battery systems were a drawback for some homeowners. Home solar energy capture also requires a dedicated space for the solar battery installation. And once installed, there are more parts in the solar system that need regular inspections or maintenance.

Initial drawbacks with solar batteries are changing as new solar battery manufacturers are now offering cheaper solar battery solutions.

Energex Solar Feed In Tariff Qld

The other benefit of storing your solar energy is that carbon generated power grid costs are getting higher and Energex is reducing the solar feed in tariff. These changes make solar batteries are smarter option for capturing energy during the heat of the day and then using that power at night, instead of drawing on higher cost grid power.

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Financial Benefits of Solar Batteries in Queensland

Solar batteries provide 24/7 backup energy, ensuring your home has power during blackouts and nighttime hours. Solar provides greater energy independence and reduces the impact of utility rate changes, especially during peak hours.

Solar battery systems also work seamlessly with a grid tied system, improving overall efficiency and energy assurance. Batteries are low maintenance and harness the power of the sun to charge the system, reducing operating costs.

The other benefit of solar batteries is that they are designed to be weather-resistant and safe around families, with no noise or harmful emissions. This is really important for Australian homes.

Are stackable solar batteries better than single solid state lithium batteries?
The choice between stackable solar batteries and single solid-state lithium batteries depends on your specific energy storage needs and circumstances. Each option has its advantages.

Single Solid State Lithium Batteries

A single solid state battery (SSB) is great where you need a compact design, lower maintenance, and you have limited room to add more batteries. These batteries are great for mobile phones and small carry appliances. They also work well for solar power capture in apartments and homes with a smaller footprint.A single solid-state lithium battery is often more space-efficient and easier to install. There are also fewer connections and fewer components means less maintenance and points of failure.

Solid State Battery Limitations

if your needs are stable, and you prefer a simple, space-saving solution, a single solid-state lithium battery could be the right option.

However, compact solar batteries do have design and operational limitations:

  • Limited Battery Scalability – If you need more solar power storage capacity, you may need to replace the entire solid state battery. This can be more expensive and logistically challenging.
  • Limited Solar Battery Redundancy – In the event of a battery failure, you might not have a backup option.
  • Higher Upfront Costs – Single solid-state lithium batteries often cost more, especially if you need to purchase a larger unit initially to meet future consumption needs.

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Stackable Solar Battery Benefits

If you need more flexibility and anticipate future growth, stackable solar batteries are the better choice.

  • Stackable batteries can be scaled – Stackable solar batteries allow you to increase your storage capacity gradually, which can be beneficial if you expect your energy needs to grow over time.
  • Modular design to suit your needs – You can add or remove battery units as needed, making it a flexible solution.
  • Solar battery redundancy – If one unit in a stack fails, the others can continue to operate, providing a level of backup in case of individual unit issues.
  • Cost efficient batteries – Buying additional units as needed may be more cost-effective in the short term.

Stackable Battery Limitations

There are a small number of downsides to stackable solar batteries. These include:

  • Battery Installation and Space – Stacking batteries requires more space and can be more complex to install compared to a single unit.
  • Battery Efficiency Loss – Each additional unit can introduce small energy losses due to connections and conversions.

Jinko Solar Panel Review

Stackable batteries are a better option than buying one large solid state lithium ion battery in a big 10Kw unit.

Jinko is one of the best solar power manufacturers supplying stackable batteries in Queensland. Jinko manufactures both stackable solar batteries and solar panels. Jinko’s stackable batteries makes the initial solar system installation more cost effective as you can add extra battery capacity overtime.

Jinko can also stack ten battery units at 2.56 kw each. Deep Blue Solar recommends starting small with a 3.12 kw or 6.24 kw units and then building capacity over time. This strategy will help you achieve a better return on investment.

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Off Grid Solar System

During planning and construction of new homes, Deep Blue Solar can work with clients and their builders and electricians to ensure the home is solar ready.

With a recent client in Kilcoy in the Somerset region, we worked with our client during the construction of their new home and shed. Both buildings had three phase power installed to support a larger solar battery solution.

This system included:

  • Two Sungrow 10kw inverters with 13.2kw of panels fitted to each inverter
  • A smart metre, also knowns as a digital meter
  • Two 12.8 kw Sungrow Battery Systems for each inverter – one for use in the home and one for the shed

This solution allows the client to operate off grid if their is a mains power outage. And following installation Deep Blue Solar is now providing regular maintenance and solar panel cleaning the system performs for years to come.

Is it Worth Getting a 10kW Solar System?

Installing a 10kW solar system with a solar battery will depend on your needs, budget, and installation space. Modular battery options are best as you can start with a smaller system and add extra modules as your family’s energy needs.

For cost effective entry level systems, Deep Blue Solar recommends Jinko with an inverter and battery. Jinko delivers 2.56kw per battery module and up to 10 modules can be stacked to create a 25Kw system.

Sungrow is our top recommendation for solar inverter and battery setup. Sungrow offers 3.2kw per battery module. Battery modules can be stacked in lots of four, eight, and twelve. 12 battery modules can be stacked to create a 36Kw system.

Are Solar Batteries Worth it in Queensland?

Solar batteries are worth it where you want to reduce your grid power bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and provide your family with blackout protection from the failing Queensland coal power stations.

A solar battery system can provide essential backup power during power outages, which is critical for Queenslanders facing increased bushfires and storms that can knock out grid power. Solar battery storage also helps maintain critical home office appliances, and medical equipment where you have loved ones needing ongoing care.

In a nutshell, solar batteries provide peace of mind in case of unexpected power grid issues, keeping essential appliances running.

Local Solar Power Installation Experts

When considering solar power in Queensland, it’s essential to assess your specific location, energy needs, available roof space, and financial considerations. Deep Blue Solar can provide tailored advice and help you maximise the benefits of solar energy in your home.

Deep Blue Solar are experts in installing Solar Panel Systems. We also provide Solar Panel Thermal Inspections, and Solar Panel Cleaning and Repairs.

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